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Deepweb crime thriving, over $100 million a year profit

The infographic written by researchers at Norwich University features deepweb crime and identity theft by delivering astounding stats.

The infographic below highlights deep web criminal activity and identity theft & fraud. It includes the yearly income of deep web illegal activity which is exceeding 100,000,000 US dollars.

Deepweb crime infographic:

deepweb crime infographic

As more and more crime moves to the web, TOR grows due to its anonymous nature, a study by the researchers at King’s College London found that 57% of all sites on the darknet are designed for criminal activities which includes drugs, fraud and porn.

We expected something along these lines,” said Thomas Rid, professor of Security Studies at King’s College London and co-author of the research. “Previous studies have established that it’s a pretty nasty place.”

They found 5,205 live websites, and managed to classify the content of 2,723 of those.

After categorizing the material, Rid and Moore found 1,547 of the websites consisted of illicit and illegal content.

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