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One of the top free Anti-Malware programs out on the market today is Malwarebytes.  Recommended by many professionals and our team.  Malwarebytes also won the away for the top 10 downloads in 2011 by CNET.

How do I operate Malwarebytes?

  1. You will need to download Malwarebytes, here:
  2. Once downloaded, double click the installer (Windows 7 & 8 users run as admin)
  3. When installer is finished, you will be able to run Malwarebytes (Windows 7 & 8 again run as admin)
  4. Go to the update tab and click “Check for Updates” (You can view where it’s located in the picture below)
  5. Once Malwarebytes is finished updating you are now ready to scan
  6. Click the “Scanner” tab and check “Preform quick scan”
  7. Hit the “Scan” button below.

Malwarebytes should start scanning once it’s finished if anything is detected you are able to click the “Removed selected” button which will remove all infections.  Depending on your infection you may have to restart your computer, make sure you do so to complete the cleaning.

Your system should now be virus free!

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