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SWIFT Operations Forum Americas Conference at the Convene Center in the TIAA-Cref Building in midtown Manhattan, Tuesday, March 5, 2013. Photo Copyright 2013 Garrett Ewald

More banks linked to the SWIFT attacks possibly connected to North Korea

Security researchers have recently found that North Korea might be connected to the recent malware attack which lifted $101 million from the Bangladeshi central bank.

Symantec stated in their press release that the malware used in February to steal the money from Bangladeshi bank’s account in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is very similar to the malware used back in 2009 by the group named “Lazarus” which was believed to be a state sponsored attack by North Korea.

The Antivirus company added that the malware’s unique code has also been seen in October of 2015 when a Philippine and Vietnamese bank was breached.

Another bank, Banco del Austro located in Ecuador was also impacted, and lost $12 million to the hackers. At this time no additional information is known about the tools used in the attack.

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