Thursday, January 27, 2022

Attorney General wants improved data breach notifications

US Attorney General Eric Holder has expressed his views on enhancing means to assure people are protected from leaking of private information, and kept up to date when such breaches do happen.

Holder got the word out via his weekly video message, posted on the, to talk about “Protecting Consumers from Cybercrime”.

Addressing the recent Target and Neiman Markus breaches, the Attorney General commanded Congress get busy setting up a “strong national standard” for breach announcements.

He stated this could make things easier for law enforcement to analyze breaches, make breached organizations more liable for any careless security practices and help individuals whose information has been leaked.

Many states currently have some regulations set up, similar to territories like Guam, Puerto Rico as well as the Virgin Islands, there is however little by means of uniformity or opinion.  European law appears to be well ahead with regards to reliability and resolution, with centralized regulation of all manner of privacy and data managing concerns.

Similar to many of Europe’s laws, central policy is complex due to overlapping local legislation, and such problems often get enhanced as rules are placed onto a larger scale.

Holder’s pressing on this plan is accepted nation-wide, but there is still a lot more that needs to be done to ensure data breaches are handled with more efficiently and without hesitation.

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