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Malware discovered on Cracked

If you’ve visited popular humor website over the last couple of days, it’s a possibility that you may have been hit by a exploit pack, according to researchers at Barracuda Labs. You should scan your computer ASAP.

A investigator uncovered on Nov. 10 that had been hosting a drive-by exploit which supplied malware to website viewers with unpatched systems, Barracuda Networks researchers Daniel Peck and Paul Royal wrote in the Barracuda Labs blog. It appears the attackers may have had access to the site as early as Nov. 4.

The website manager on posted to the user forums revealing the problem has been sorted as of Tuesday evening. “Yeah we stopped getting complaints about it and Google took us off the malware warning list or whatever was triggering it. Is anybody else getting it again?”  You can view the malware that was being downloaded to victim’s computer on Virustotal.

If you went to within the past 10 days, update your antivirus signatures and scan your machines right away. If you currently don’t have and antivirus or want extra protection, consider purchasing Malwarebytes pro, which CAN be used with your current antivirus.

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