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Lavabit Shuts down after denying secret surveillance order

The owner of the cyphered electronic mail service utilized by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden alleges he could face criminal accusations for declining to abide with a private federal court order issued last week.

Ladar Levison suddenly closed down his company, Lavabit LLC, last week to nullify being forced to deliver customers’ personal data and communications.

“I would love to tell you everything that’s happened to me over the last six weeks. I’m just legally prevented from doing so,” Levison recently told Reuters. He is legally barred from speaking publicly about the legal order, which is believed to be a sealed subpoena or national security letter which demands that he cooperate with an investigation related to Snowden.

Following Levison’s disicion to close Lavabit, encrypted internet service supplier Silent Circle has followed suit. Other encryption services have advised that they’d do the same if put in a alike situation by the US government.

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