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Bluelog 1.1.1 Released

Bluelog is a Linux Bluetooth scanner written to do a single task, log devices that are in discoverable mode. It is intended to be used as a site survey tool, determining how many discoverable Bluetooth devices there are in the area. It has also proven to be very well suited to Bluetooth traffic monitoring applications.

While there are many different Bluetooth scanners available, none I found did exactly what I wanted, most seemed focused on pulling down various bits of information from the target devices (like SDP records). I was also having trouble locating a scanner that didn’t have a UI of some sort, which was a problem since I wanted to scan continuously without user intervention. After trying out all of the Linux Bluetooth scanners I could find, I eventually decided to simply write my own.

The more time I spent on Bluelog, the more features I worked into it. Eventually, Bluelog started evolving into a considerably more advanced tool then I initially intended. Still, all of the advanced features are completely optional, and if you chose it can still be used as the simple little scanner it started as.

This page will always have the latest source release of Bluelog, as well as all of the previous releases for archival purposes. As of version 1.0.2, Bluelog is also included in BackTrack Linux and the development version of OpenWRT. Arch Linux users can also find it in the AUR community package repository.

MD5 | 5a8bb5f397f9bbc224d1d37bf5a8ab6b

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