Friday, January 19, 2018
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Harvard SudDomain Vulnerable to SQL Injection

A security researcher that goes by the Twitter name @WilyXem, a pen-tester from Spain.  Earlier we posted a false claim, which was just a SQL error, not necessarily a SQL injection vulnerability.

@WilyXem notified us and then found a real vulnerability within one of Harvard’s sub domain.

You can view the Tweet announcing the exploit below:

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  • lol that’s a sub-sub domain, has like 10x better harvard and other .edu/.gov sqli’s released for all of their members.

  • WilyXem What you found in Subdomain was an File Include error no SQL Vulnerability, so shut a fuck up. Your members are skiddies.

    • You obviously have seen none of our released vulnerabilities bitchboy :)

  • WilyXem

    “bitchboy” ? If you think your team is great, why did you post the fucking file include error in the subdomain of harvard? You know, with that post “” which was deleted, because was a bullshit, a fake vulnerability. And you guys, your called “Researchers and Hackers”? With the tweet of “Harvard subdomain injection” you’ve shamed.