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Movies and Music pirating continues to be Legal in The Netherlands

As in several other countries around the world, downloading music and movies is hugely popular in the Netherlands, and where many servers that host these files are located.

Surveys approximate that 30% of the population downloads copyrighted music and video files without paying for them, which is presently legal under Dutch law.  However, last year there has been discussion on making the activity illegal.

Yesterday the majority of the house accepted a motion that would take the program off the table, and encouraged that the right to make copies for personal use should not be restricted.

“Luckily the House of Representatives clearly chooses to establish the much-needed modernization of copyright law within the limits of Internet freedom,” says Kees Verhoeven, the House member who drafted the motion.

The vote means that downloading movies and music for personal use will remain legal. Even so, the entertainment industry Is not being forgotten. Currently, copyright bearers in the Netherlands are covered through a “piracy tax” on blank media such as CDR media and writable DVDs.

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