Thursday, January 27, 2022

Most company databases Vulnerable, GreenSQL states

GreenSQL discovered that 88 percent of all companies taking part in its December survey don’t protect their databases from both external and internal threats, and nearly one fifth do nothing to protect their databases at all.

Individuals that work in IT were asked: “How do you protect your data from SQL injection attacks?” Respondents said:

  • I improve code practices – 52%
  • I do not protect my database from SQL injection attacks – 18%
  • I use an application firewall – 18%
  • I use a database firewall – 12%

“The survey reveals that almost all companies are still vulnerable to internal and external threats. Simply improving code practices is not enough to protect databases from internal threats,” said Amir Sadeh, CEO, GreenSQL. “The vast majority risks damage to corporate reputations, fines, law suits, and loss of customers’ confidence and business by deploying no database protection whatsoever. This is tantamount to a corporate death wish.”

SQL attacks occur more than 70 times per hour and is growing.  As malware and malicous worms are being made to attempt these attacks automatically, it’s becoming increasingly dangerous.  The above survey was conducted with around 350 IT professionals.

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