Thursday, January 27, 2022

@DiabloAnon Breached large Government sites for Project Mayhem

A hacker using the Twitter handle @DiabloAnon has leaked large amount of data for Project Mayhem. The leak was dumped to Pastebin and is only a very small portion of the complete database the hackers have access to.

The servers breached where Scientific Information Database of Iran, and a server that belongs to the Government of Egypt.

Some of the accounts leaked:

Admin Accounts:

| ID	UName		UPass					Decrypted |
| 0	admin		feca9c2610cdb61b6789c6374019f691	[email protected] |
| 1	msad		6599746e506aab8051e6a8787332ef67	sabrymsad |
| 2	gags		f936e30e9daa03aecb2b4a6225c1bb4e	gags2010  |
| 5	debuguser	dcddb75469b4b4875094e14561e573d8	00000     |

DiabloAnon also left a message on the Pastebin dump.

Greetings to the nuclear-crazed, batshit insane state of Iran. I have mined your databases and concluded that you should have spent more
time researching website security instead of uranium enrichment :)

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