Thursday, January 27, 2022

Adobe pushes Seven Patches for Flash Player Vulnerabilities

Tuesday, Adobe issued updates to Flash Player for Windows, Mac, and Linux in order to address seven recently identified security vulnerabilities.

Adobe is supporting all users to update to version 11.5.502.110 for Windows or Mac OS X users; or to for Linux. Chrome users, as well as Internet Explorer 10 users, will be updated automatically. Android users will require to update their installations manually.

This most recent patch comes just after a report by Kaspersky Labs Presented that about 30% of the exploits spreading online are targeting Adobe products. To be fair, Kaspersky’s information from their Q3 2012 Threat Report presents that 3% of the exploits circulating online were targeting Flash, while a further 25% targeted Adobe Reader.

Of course, that still means that after Java, Adobe is yet a major target area for criminals.  To update to the latest Flash version please follow this link:

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