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New Zealand Hosting Hacked and Defaced

A New Zealand web host that focuses on web site development has been hacked and defaced by a hacker going by the handle NoEntryPhc.  The attack occurred earlier today and was uploaded to zone-h a website that many defacers can mirror the defaced websites.

The defacement prints:

***Opps !***

Your site is down!!!

C:> Cls.exe . . . . . . I’m in your site now  ..

[+] Hacked By NoEntryPhc

[-] 3-M4!l3 :[email protected]!! o_0 !!

[+] Dont panic Admin !.

[-] Your website is not secure !!!!

[+] Die Like The Rest ..!!!

[+] Gr33tz : PhantomCrews, Dragonforce, Defacer terminal and YOU !!! |

[+] Thx to admin because read this message

NoEntryPhcWas Here …

NoEntryPhc also hacked two other New Zealand websites, thedetail.co.nz which appeared to be a empty index before the defacement and walknz.co.nz which looks to redirect to a government information site about walks about New Zealand.

All sites have the same defacement page and are still active at time of publishing.

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