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SecurityXploded Released SX System Suite v1.5


SX System Suit is a collection of free system analysis tools, all compiled into one installer made by SecurityXploded.  All these tools help monitor and secure your computer from malware, rootkits, and if you’re smart, could even substitute for an antivirus.

SX System Suite 1.5 includes the following:

  • Exe Scan
  • Spy DLL Remover
  • Spy BHO Remover
  • Proc Net Monitor
  • Stream Armor
  • Download Hash Verifier
  • Advanced Win Service Manager
SXSystemSuite Installer


Current release history:

Version 1.5:  1st June 2012
Added new tool StreamArmor and updated latest version of ProcNetMonitor to the suite.
Version 1.0:  15th Apr 2012
First version of SXSystemSuite with latest version of all the system management tools

ZeroSecurity highly recommends this tool to experts and novice users.

Download: http://securityxploded.com/sx-system-suite.php

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