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DarkComet Discontinued Development

DarkComet RAT discontinued

A popular Remote Administrator tool (RAT) that was used by many to controller there computers as well as malicious purposes.  DarkCoderSc the coder of this tool, has been developing it for around 4 years now.  Originally it was released on a popular programming forum Hackhound which has since been shutdown.

In DarkCoderSC’s message to the community which he announces this news:

I have devoted years with a nonprofit philosophy for you to enjoy without asking anything in return other than respect of the rules, unfortunately some of you couldn’t respect the terms so because of you (generally speaking) made the DarkComet RAT geo cruiser end.

The quote says that people where not respecting the rules, which leads many to believe he was forced to shutdown due to law enforcement.  It seems as malware coders are now being targeted more then ever, last week the the Blackshades owner (Just realized the site is down now) was arrested for credit card fraud, the malware he was coding and distributing.

source codes will remain private and not for sale. This was a very hard decision to take, probably the hardest i ever had because after so many years its more than just a project, its a piece of you.

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