Friday, March 15, 2019
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WEPAutoCrack script by: zx2c4

WEPAutoCrack is a pentesting tool that breaks wifi connections secured with WEP and is coded in python by Jason A. Donenfeld also known as zx2c4 who in addition to discovered the Linux Local Privilege Escalation via SUID /proc/pid/mem Write (CVE 2012-0056).

WEPAutoCrack or comprises of a automatic template constructor for cracking WEP networks and sets network card into monitor mode and adjusts correct channel. In other words, it’s a utility that conducts you in using the Aircrack-ng suite to crack WEP because it admits an lenient network target selection.


– Terminates disruptive daemons

– Scans for networks

– Easy Target Selection

– Switches to the right channel or target

– Sets up fake MAC address

– Puts you on the monitor mode automatically

– Captures IVs

– Can get Deauthetication Packets (Fake Authentication)

– Requests ARP Packets

– Fragmentation Attack

– Chop-Chop Attack

– Construct ARP Packet

– Inject Constructed ARP

– Collect 4-way Authentication Handshake














Script download: