Friday, June 5, 2020

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California Institute of Technology Subdomain hacked by @WilyXem

Another college breached by @WilyXem which he announced in a tweet earlier today, this time it was the California Institute of Technology subdomain ( California Institute of Technology(Astrochemistry) Full Disclosure here: @Zer0Security @TheHackersNews @ThisIsHNN — WilyXem (@WilyXem) March 5, 2013 He also included a Pastebin link which contains the …

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University Of Miami Hacked by @QuisterTow

@QuisterTow tweeted earlier that he has breached the Electrical and computer engineering subdomain of the University Of Miami (  The vulnarbility was in a test index “testindex.php” and was vulnerable to SQL injection. In the tweet he including a Pastebin link with database names and table names …

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