Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Other Languages

Basic Assembly Cheat sheet

This e-book will come in handy for both new coders, and veterans that need to refresh their memory. Also, some more sites for aiding you in the quest to learn Assembly: http://www.oopweb.com/Assembly/Docum…umeFrames.html http://www.cheat-sheets.org/#AssemblyLanguage Format: PDF Name: asmcheatsheet.pdf | MD5: 4f6c798c86a15052e076170de0cdd195

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ASM – Downloader

I found this nice piece of code on this website: http://wiremask.eu.  Why is ASM so good?  Well first of all it compiles into the smallest binary’s you have ever seen. “A new development tutorial has been added. It explains how to code a file downloader + executer in assembly language …

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