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Silent OS 3.0 for Blackphone Completely revamped

Version 3.0 migrates Silent OS to Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and delivers the Android safety patch level to June 2016. Along with fixes for security vulnerabilities, Silent OS 3.0 presents an entirely rewritten version of the Security Center, which now contains two additional features.

One of the latest features in the Security Center is Privacy Meter, a program that runs in the background and regularly monitors the device’s settings and status for anything that may present a risk to data security and privacy. Each possible problem is issued a priority score and users are supplied details on how best to handle the problem

“Think of it as an assistant that is always next to you helping you maintain the most awareness of your Privacy Profile,” David Puron, VP of engineering at Silent Circle, said in a blog post. “Whether you have available software updates, your browsing certificates have been altered, or an app is sharing your location, the Privacy Meter will show you what is happening then guide you through the appropriate configurations, if desired.”

Another new function is the Cellular Intrusion Detection System (CIDS), which alerts users about potential threats pertaining to the baseband and its connection to the mobile network.

“We understand there are many types of attacks leveraging the baseband, so we will not say we will identify and catch them all. However, we have created smart mechanisms to detect a number of these attacks such as device tracking using silent SMSs, network downgrades to weaker protocols, etc.,” Puron said. “The CIDS will warn the users when there is a potential threat on the cellular network, so that members can choose whether or not they continue communicating via this network.”

Silent OS 3.0 also presents Zero Touch Deployment for Managed Spaces, a function that IT teams may use to remotely deploy a managed protected space on a device. These protected spaces are containers that enable individuals to partition data and applications on a phone – for instance, if the device is needed for both private and work-related activities.

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