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Anonymous leaks data of Spanish Police Servers

Two weeks ago a hacker using the handle of HackBack compromised the web servers of Sindicat De Mossos d’Esquadra (SME) or the Catalan Police Union ( and released highly classified information on officials as a protest on police brutality.

The hacker recorded the complete hack using only Kali Linux and released it on Youtube in a 39 Minute video. The Youtube video has since been removed (mirror can be found here)

Full write up on the breach is located here.

Today, the Spanish Police Department were hit again, but this time, from the infamous group of hacktivists Anonymous when one of their members alleged they would leak personal details of 5,000 Spanish cops to the internet, which contains names, surnames, personal emails, national ID numbers, and encrypted passwords.

The police revealed that the @FkPoliceAnonOps, was responsible for such a massive data leak. A message was posted as a Tweet from this group informing about the leak that has been carried out as a protest against the gag law.

The authorities disclosed that the @FkPoliceAnonOps, was accountable for the large data leak.

Anonymous leaking the data:

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