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How to Frankenscript


Spoof/fake the mac address for both the WiFi adapter and virtual interface monX.
Frankenscript is able to launch other scripts. Scripts must be placed in the HOME/FrankenScript2/Scripts folder.
Obtain the passkey from a WEP enabled access point, it can do this with and without a client being present.
Obtain the passkey for some WPS access points, it has several methods for doing this.
Capture a WPA/WPA2 handshake by de-authenticating one or all clients connected to the target access point.
Attack a handshake.cap file by bruteforce or by using a wordlist and should support GPU cracking.

Available options within the script:

[1] Scan And Attack AP’s
[2] Return To Scanned AP’s:
[3] Attack Handshake.cap Files
[4] Script Launcher
[5] WiFi Adapter Override
[6] System Mode Override:
[7] Recovered Passkey’s
[q] Exit FrankenScript2

Credits to Hackhard Security group for the video.

Download Frakenscript here.

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