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TrueCrypt not dead?

A message appeared on TrueCrypt’s site late last week stating “WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues”.  It recommended users to migrate to built-in encryption.

Nonetheless, an additional website located in Switzerland came out over the weekend, using a banner “Truecrypt must not die“, encouraging that it would certainly ensure that the product has a foreseeable future, and links to an article by which security expert Steve Gibson verifies that he still feels there is still safety in Truecrypt.

The conclusion to close the Truecrypt project was a shock, with many assuming that that it was the result of a hacking attack. Gibson’s article, however, implies that the programmers, having identified flaws during ongoing auditing, chose to shut the project down instead of fixing it.

The new site consists of the download links taken off Sourceforge, as well as a first for Truecrypt – a listing of contributors, where in the past they’d protected their details.

The new website is located in Switzerland with the hope of keeping away from any legal attacks from previous developers or users.

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