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NSA intercepting U.S. Routers

Glenn Greenwald of The Week Magazine published the latest discovery of NSA monitoring leaks, it seems as though the have been tampering with US-made internet routers in route to foreign markets.

A new collection of documents leaked by Edward Snowden states the NSA intercepted U.S. manufactured  routers destined for export in order to implant backdoor within their circuits.

Surprisingly, this kind of activity is what the federal government accused Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei of performing in 2012 on behalf of the Chinese government.

What the NSA is apparently performing is outlined within a leaked report that Greenwald describes in his new book, it’s dated June 2010 and from the head of the NSA’s Access and Target Development division, in accordance with the Guardian. This report specifies the NSA supposedly intercepting US-made equipment, embedding backdoor monitoring tools, then repackaging the equipment and sending it onto global customers.

The report will have a significant effect on US organizations which export technology, Greenwald proposes that the NSA has organized a smear campaign on Chinese competitors to seize its market for US manufactures and to deploy spy implants on a large scale.

The NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers, in a recent meeting in Washington, has protected the NSA surveillance programs, identifying them as legal and essential for Homeland security.

Rogers declared that he will meet counterparts of foreign countries to restore trust and strengthen the co-operation against cyber threats.

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