Thursday, January 27, 2022

Statista Breached – 50,000 users as risk

Clients of the largest online statistics portal, Statista, are now being informed that the company’s systems have been breached and the hackers likely had access to the user database.

The initial indicator involving a probable breach came when emails which have been utilized by used by the company, privately started receiving spam emails.

The organization then checked their systems and noticed the intrusion. Evidently some 50,000 of their customers have gotten their account information compromised.

The company began informing users affected by the breach right away, and guaranteed them that the compromised passwords “cannot be used by third parties due to masking procedures,” and did not recommend a password  change.

Sources say that the organization only encrypted and salted  (512-bit encryption with salt) the passwords for accounts made after December 2013, after the website’s relaunch.

The main issue is users will be receiving more spam and phishing emails, perhaps even some impersonating Statista, therefore they need to be cautious when going over unwanted emails as you usually should do.

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