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Whitehouse Launches Cybersecurity Framework

As a result of an Executive Order last February, the Executive Branch has introduced the Cybersecurity Framework, which is “a voluntary how-to guide for organizations in the critical infrastructure community to enhance their cybersecurity.”

The most effective methods and guidelines inside the Framework are organized around three primary components: the Framework Core, Profiles, and Tiers. Each believed to also include guidance in balancing these polices with privacy issues.

In a statement on Wednesday, Barack Obama discussed further how the National Institute of Standards and Technology “has worked with the private sector to develop a Cybersecurity Framework that highlights best practices and globally recognized standards so that companies across our economy can better manage cyber risk to our critical infrastructure.”

The White House also stated, following the Framework is voluntary, but included how the Department of Homeland Security will likely be given the job of boosting awareness for the program along with brainstorming possible incentives.

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