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Tormail database now in FBI hands

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken the whole email database to a widley used  anonymous email service TorMail. Because of this all your email content can now be read by the US government. The service was seized while looking into a hosting company charged for holding child porn in 2013. Now the Government states it has revealed a great deal of emails which can be used in irrelevant investigations.

Seized from Freedom Hosting, the e-mail database surfaced in court papers at the end ofJanuary when prosecutors indicted a Florida individual for buying and selling counterfeit credit cards on the net. The FBI obtained a search warrant on a Gmail account the alleged counterfeiters utilized and discovered that requests for fake cards were delivered to a TorMail e-mail account. Then the agents got a new search warrant for that account and accessed it from the FBI’s own copy of “data and information from the TorMail email server, including the content of TorMail email accounts”.

This news was revealed by Wired that noted the database is utilized in entirely unrelated investigations, the FBI is gathering info to capture cyber criminals and hackers that used the Tor network to safeguard their anonymity, however , Tor seemed to be used by typical individuals who wish to be anonymous online for genuine purposes.

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