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Bluebox Security Launches New Security Solution

Bluebox, a brand new cloud-based mobile security solution gives businesses visibility, control, and a safeguard for mobile data, while offering privacy and freedom to personnel when they use their mobile phones.

“The new era of mobile security is not about the device or the application,” the company explained on its Web site. “It’s about the data.”

States its new service shields save data as well as communications in almost any mobile app on iOS or Android.

Built utilizes “data-wrapping” technology, the Bluebox states its SaaS mobile data security solution delivers:

  • Data Wrapping protects all corporate data, including email attachments, with document-level encryption and security policies that allow you to track, revoke or wipe data
  • Instant App Protect secures data in any internal or public app;  no SDKs or coding required.  Context aware policies control data leakage on the device, between apps, and over the network to cloud storage locations
  • Device and application integrity with full-fledged defense mechanism against platform level vulnerabilities, app tampering as well as jailbreaking/rooting
  • Secure data end-to-end – from your internal or cloud storage applications down to the device
  • Separate corporate from personal data with flexible configurations

“The end user doesn’t want to have to care about security and privacy,” Tyler Shields, a Senior Analyst at Forrester, mentioned in a statement. “They expect privacy to be ‘taken care of’ and to be provided to them as a natural right. To be successful, security products must be transparent and seamless.”

You can see the whole product breakdown as well as how to obtain the new product on their site,

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