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JPMorgan breached in July exposing 465,000 card users

JPMorgan Chase & Co has recently revealed that it was the target of a cyber attack and alerted around 465,000 of its members of pay as you go cards that their information may have been exposed.

The breach in the JPMorgan Chase & Co network took place in July and hackers might have gotten to customers personal data, the cards were issued for corporations and government agencies.

The 465,000 accounts affected account for about 2% of the general 25 million UCard users, the JPMorgan revealed that there are no threats for holders of debit cards, credit cards or prepaid Liquid cards.

JPMorgan learned that the web servers that host the site www.ucard.chase.com was compromised in September and immediately notified the law enforcement to initiate the investigation, no information on how attackers have carried out the attack has been revealed.

The JPMorgan spokesman Michael Fusco announced that the investigation authorized the identification of victim accounts and the information stolen, the bank already telling the cardholders of the incident and no money was stolen.

“The bank typically keeps the personal information of its customers encrypted, or scrambled, as a security precaution. However, during the course of the breach, personal data belonging to those customers had temporarily appeared in plain text in files the computers use to log activity.” reported theReuters agency.

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