Thursday, April 11, 2019
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Ahashare Hacked, 190k Users Leaked a large torrent website and tracker was breached with over 190,000 users details leaked, reports CyberWarNews.

The file sharing site was breached by Nairb who has been around for some time now leaking data frequently.  Ahashare’s full database including usernames and full user details were leaked.


Nairb Tweeted the breach from his Twitter account @SQLiNairb:

The leak and message was posted to, it said:

Greetings Netizens! Tonight I bring you the FULL dumped .sql of  Why a .sql dump you may ask? Well when you get full access to the mysql db with root privileges, why the hell not. Reason: lulz. (580.0 MB)!YxtHzZyL!C7GI_TiKmFX88VpGOpAVPXUxCFhWT3JVpkBfFj-HWBQ

The SQL database was uploaded to and a file size of 580 MB, compressed.  The SQL uncompressed is a 2.68GB raw SQL file from the database named ahadb_db.

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