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PE-bear – version 0.2.5 Released

What it is?

PE-bear is my new project. It’s a reversing tool for PE files.

Objective: to deliver fast and flexible “first view” tool for malware analysts. Stable and capable to handle malformed PE files.


The latest version is 0.2.5 (beta), released: 26.09.2013:


*requires: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, available here:
Redist 32bit
Redist 64bit

Features and details

  • handles PE32 and PE64
  • views multiple files in parallel
  • recognizes known packers (by signatures)
  • fast disassembler – starting from any chosen RVA/File offset
  • visualization of sections layout
  • selective comparing of two chosen PE files
  • integration with explorer menu
  • and more…

Official Site:

[wpdm_package id=15]

About FastFlux

Owner of ZeroSecurity, interested in programming, malware analysis and penetration testing. If you would like to write for the ZeroSecurity team, please use the contact form above.

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