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Browser Addon Sends Torrent Links to Anti-Piracy Group

Anti-piracy companies rely on their own web crawlers and Google to obtain infringing links and files. Once discovered they send DMCA notices to search engines, torrent and file-hosting sites, blogs and forums, in order to have that content brought down.

A anti-piracy company that goes by the name of MUSO reports that they have developed a new method of gathering information on potentially infringing links and files.

MUSO Is a London-base company and the claim that their new browser plugin will allow

any Internet user to report the location of links infringing on copyright whenever they appear in their web browser. The plugin will report how many files/links it has found before submitting them to the MUSO database for analysis.

“Cyberlocker, and similar download sites, do not generally allow direct searching so links are found through search engines, forums and blog sites that link back to the cyberlocker,” the company said in a statement. “MUSO’s ‘Anti-Piracy Assist Browser Plugin’ will use people power to help them protect their vast base of rights holders.”

“The links found will feed into the MUSO system which already has robust systems in place for correctly matching only illegal content links to our client’s products,” MUSO Technical Director James Mason told TorrentFreak. “[We employ] a combination of automated matching algorithms, followed by a final human verification stage before any takedowns are issued.”

MUSO hopes that industry workers will set up and use the plugin to support the music business, although at this stage it appears that it will be open for anyone to use.

The plugin will initially be available for download on Chrome, IE and Firefox will be added at a later date.

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