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Blackshades 2.6.3 Source

Blackshades full source, coded in Visual Basics 6.

Blackshades Remote Controller is a RAT (Remote Administration Application) which allows a user to control several clients from around the world.

Long recognized as the king/master of all RATs, Blackshades NET has been through many iterations through the years.

A comprehensive software! Wise enough to teach an absolute beginner and powerful enough to manage and master any computer at distance.
The Blackshades Team has long been known as “brains behind the best-selling brand in the remote tech section”.

Need to help out a customer who is having trouble setting up a piece of software?

Have you ever questioned what your spouse, kids or employees have been doing on the computer?
Is your child misusing the Internet facility and taking secret chat with the stranger? Are your employees mailing your business data to your competitors?

Blackshades Remote Controller will enable you to control the client’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it, with support for mouse and keyboard input!
You can also chat with the client while you do so.
Got a Network to manage? With Blackshades Remote Controller you can connect to unlimited systems, and administer them collectively or individually.

You can transfer files and folders between systems, view all the screens of the systems simultaneously and perform maintenance actions.
Send a message to all of them with one click, chat with the systems, run commands via the remote command prompt…there’s a huge range of functions suited for network management.

Blackshades Remote Controller also provides as an efficient way of turning your machine into a surveillance/spy-device or to spy on a specific system.
If you want to monitor all keystrokes on your computer while you are away, or want to make sure your child is being safe while using the computer, the built in tools such as the keystroke capturer, screen viewer and process manager will aid you to do so.

This tool has no dependencies (.NET Framework, java, etc) and works extremely well and stable.
Blackshades Remote Controller will let you remotely control your machines, while giving you complete peace of mind.
Using this tool will allow you to do anything between controlling software and hardware.
Customers also get free support, and ability to instantly communicate with other members.

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