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AnonGhost’s 165k Israel Leak, Fake?

Techworm.in has fallen for another one of AnonGhosts False leaks CyberWarNews Reports.

The most recent leak, published here, is claiming to be from the webmaster’s accounts from israel yet the data has conflicting attributes.

CyberWarNews has looked over the data leaked and posted their results:

TechWorm claimed there was over 165,000 accounts via the internal leak message which states from a israeli, more specifically a webmaster accounts.

No breach point or POC has been provided.

Leak contains:

  • 49751 emails
  • 32225 non duplicated
  • 8346 duplicated

Many entries towards the bottom are missing valid info and phone numbers appear to be australian. Many of the emails link back to past leaks from Opisrael and other operations, see below:

  • walla.co.il
  • walla.com
  • hotmail.co.il
  • diucdihc.co.il
  • nan.co.il
  • netvisio.net.il
  • gmail.com
  • hotmail.com

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