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TorrentFreak Blocked by British ISP Sky

The four million customers of the popular British ISP Sky are reporting trouble accessing piracy and copyright news website TorrentFreak.

Sky has not blocked the site deliberately. Instead, TorrentFreak has really been made inaccessible by, the popular torrent site that’s being blocked by six UK ISPs in response to a High Court ruling.

EZTV utilized Geo DNS to redirect its UK visitors to Nonetheless, a fault in Sky’s filtering scheme makes any site that’s added to EZTV’s DNS inaccessible to customers.

For research purposes, EZTV even attempted to add some of Facebook’s IP addresses to their DNS. However, it didn’t work, possibly because of the wide range of IPs.

“It appears that Sky’s filtering system blocks any and all IP-addresses that EZTV adds to their DNS. This essentially means that EZTV, or any other blocked site, has the power to render entire websites inaccessible to Sky subscribers. Luckily we were the target and not Google,” TorrentFreak noted.

It seems only Sky is using this filtering system, since the news website can be accessed by the customers of other ISPs around the world.

Unfortunately, Sky isn’t in a hurry to amend the problem, TorrentFreak says. Even so, EZTV will get rid of the sites IPs from its DNS to allow users to access it.

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