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1337day’s Private Keylogger goes up for sale

1337day, a popular exploit database has officially released their first piece of commercial malware onto the market. The software is labeled 1337pwn Spy and is version 1.0.  The malware has many features including Remote code execution, keylogging and uploading and downloading files into the victims system.

You are able to buy 1337pwn on 1337day’s official site under the remote exploits category. , and it’s currently up for sale for 800 USD.  They also released a Youtube video demonstrating the software.  This malware’s command and control is a web server panel programmed in PHP.  The panel looks to be a modified Spyeye source which was a well written and stable bot.

You can view the full features below:

-------------------------FUNCTIONS-------------------------------- [!] Currently, the program is not identified as a virus. [!] Control via control panel. [+] RCE - You can send a command to a remote server, and it has successfully fulfilled. [+] Keylogger - The program has a keylogger. [+] Log changes in filesystem and removable media. [+] Conrol via control panel. [+] Shows system information: OS, memory, CPU, hard drives, logged user, host name, IP. [+] Get list of files on hard drive. [+] Upload Files - You can Upload any file on the target machine and execute. [+] Download files - You can download any file from an target machine. [+] Delete files [+] All data is transmitted in encrypted form. Only you can decrypt them. You have a unique encoder and decoder. [+] Has the ability to disable some of the functions of your choice.

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