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LulZSec Member Pleads Guilty in the Stratfor Leak

Jeremy Hammond, the accused LulzSec hacker and activist accused of breaking into Stratfor’s servers and distributing internal files to WikiLeaks, has pleaded guilty to one offence of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. According to Hammond’s site, Hammond concurred to a plea bargain that acquits a maximum of a decade behind bars, though he’s not yet been sentenced.

He’s already spent over a year in jail while waiting for the trial, and supporters are pushing for him to be released with time served; before the bargain, he faced a maximum of 30 years.

While several other hackers were charged with with leaking passwords or launching denial-of-service attacks on entertainment companies and government websites, Hammond’s prosecution was for more overtly political action: the Stratfor hack provided WikiLeaks with one of its most high-profile data sets.

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