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WarZ Hacked 600k+ Customer Data Taken

WarZ a massive zombie MMO that has grew exponentially to be a very liked and hated game.  with over 150,000 active and 600,000 total users, you would think that the company Hammerpoint would have there security in place.

Yesterday, the WarZ servers went down with the forums, and a notice was in place.

We are sorry to report that we have discovered that hackers gained access to our forum and game databases and the player data in those databases. We have launched a thorough investigation covering our entire system to determine the scope of the intrusion. This investigation is ongoing and is our top priority. As part of the remediation and security enhancement process we will be taking the game and forums down temporarily.

They went on to say that “The data accessed included email addresses used to log-in to the forum, forum passwords which we encrypt, email addresses used to log-in to the game, encrypted game passwords as well as in-game character names and the IP addresses from which players log-in to the forum and to the game. If you posted other information to the forum it is likely that such data was accessed as well.”

This would all make sense, but why where the game servers and login servers taken down also?

No Payment information Exposed.

All payments are made through a third party and not through our system. Therefore there was absolutely no exposure of your payment or billing information of any kind.

You can view the full announcement here:  As for WarZ users, we suggest changing passwords on your email accounts and WarZ game account if they shared the same password as the forums.

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