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Hana Bank of Korea Breached by @DigitalBoysUG

@DigitalBoysUG has contacted us with a breach in (, a large Korean bank.

Credit card numbers, hash passwords,  and emails where dumped to Pastebin for #Operation Korea.

Included in the leak was “secret documents” that where extracted from the servers. These documents include, “What are the prerequisites for getting a Direct Loan”, “Does the Bank have any recourse to exporters in case importers become insolvent?” and a couple others.

The company was established in 1971 as Korea Investment & Finance, the nation’s first financial company established, financed with purely private capital. ‘Hana’ is Korean for “one” or “unity”, and its symbol is “ㅎ”, the first consonant in ‘Hana’.

Some other statistics contained in the leak:

Target: Hana Bank of Korea
Total Assets: 84,481,514
Net Loans: 59,524,550 Total Deposits: 57,653,035
Website Worth: € 46.614,00
Server IP:
Domain created on: 10-Jan-1999
Host: Korea Telecom
Last update: 11 jan. 2013

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