Friday, November 24, 2017
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New Facebook Privacy Zero-Day being sold for $1,000 has become a hub for researchers to sell their private zero-days and get some extra cash.  This week a user that goes by the name buglab has posted a Facebook Privacy Vulnerability.

The vulnerability allows you to create private messages from anyone, which could be detrimental to Facebook’s users if used correctly.  

The descrition of the exploit is “Facebook’s DMARC fail! Facebook Privacy Vulnerability!” and is being sold for 1000 coins or $1,000.

There was also a POC video supplied with the posting of this vulnerability.

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  • Anonymous

    This idiot is tricking the blog, this is NOT an exploit! It is known since long time ago. You can fake the email sender and that is all, but Facebook will display a warning. LMAO! Send to Facebook a real flaw to get 1000$, f*cking lammer!