Monday, March 4, 2019
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NaziGod Takes down

On Thursday a group of hackers that call themselves the @NaziGods attacked Amazon’s official website

“They remove products that don’t fit the image they want potential customers to see. Also they regularly ban and stop transactions of bitcoin,” one of the hackers told Gizmodo.

“They removed my copy of ‘Ghost in the wires’ for copyright,” he added.

They tweeted the downtime, which was later removed, you can view the quote below:

This is what happens amazon when you support censorship #TangoFuckingDown

Then, they went on to tweet  what they used in the attacks includign a “7k botnet” they are running.

We used a 7kbotnet running hoic 100 threads each. 80servers in botnet and a 16gbps booter

NaziGods claims that they social engineered themselves a copy of “Ghost in the Wires,” a book by hacker Kevin Mitnick. Then, once they attempted to sell it Amazon would not let them. “That’s why we fired teh lazers.”

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