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WOM Vegas hacked & 40,000 Accounts compromised

@irBreShiE, who is apart of the hacking group, Dark Web Goons, and announced a leak from a breached website.  The leak was removed almost instantly by Pastebin administration and no cache was left, but a mirror was made, which can be found HERE.

Edit, you can find another 10,ooo accounts leaked here:

The site in question is,, which is a privately owned and operated web site that proposes many different types of services and information.

The data leaked (around 3,000 user accounts) contained first and last names, emails and passwords, all plaintext.

#Our message to ALL web-masters & server admins;
 None of you are safe, none of your web servers are secure enough to withstand us.
We will come for you, you will feel the emence power of our members.
We are Black Hats, we are not careless, but nor do we give a shit.
 Something you may not now;
We have found a vulnerability inside a recent Cloudflare-ngnix server/s.
Within the next 2 weeks, you will see just how powerful we actually are.
 #DarkWeb Goons.

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