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Tutu Foundation Hacked & Defaced by @SatanSec

@SatanSec is back in 2013, coming out with their first hack, breaching and defacing the Tuto Foundation based in the United Kingdom.  The hack was first brought to light by

The Tutu Foundation ( was breached and replaced index.php with a deface page that contains 3 images and fake profiles of staff, one of which is actually @NaziGods.

@NaziGods – This bitch will come for free and leave after fakin her cheap ass into gettin a few more followers. She will claim to have fucked you, then wriggle her skank ass out the door before you have any idea wtf is happening. Do NOT complain or she will paste a fake d0x on yo ass and change her Twitter name again. All bookings made here >>>

The site is still defaced, but no files where deleted as a result of this breach.

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