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False 1337day Hacking claims

Again, hackers are trying to take credit for a ‘hack’ that wasn’t a breach in 1337day’s site/didn’t affect their servers at all.  The DNS and .org where hijacked in an attempt to ruin 1337day’s reputation.  This also happened a month or so back when a mirror to 1337day ( DNS was hijacked.

@forcesec tweeted “looks like and  have been hacked. interesting.” You can view the tweet below:

Both domain names where redirected to a free dns provider:

The Inj3ct0r team then went on to make a statement on their Facebook page, stating that their server where not breached, the owner of Inj3ct0r owns the .com domain, while his friend registered and, which he then decided to redirect to his own site after an altercation.

Facebook Post:

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