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Barracuda Networks Vulnerable to File upload and 3 DOM based XSS Vulnerabilities

@SuperSl1nk has announced yesterday via Twitter that he has found a couple vulnerabliities in Barracuda’s official site.

He announced this new via a Tweet, which you can view below:


In the tweet he included a Pastebin link with urls to the vulnerabilities and an image.  

Here is a small snippet of the Pastebin post, which also included Barracuda’s subnets and all their IPs.

Industrial espionage is wrong, this is a warning. The information we hold could close your business. If you do not remove the backdoor all your other products. We will make public your information.
 Vulnerability of your Website: XSS DOM Based, Upload.
 FileUpload Forms: [+] https://www.barracudanetworks.com/support/malware_submission/virus
[+] https://www.barracudanetworks.com/support/malware_submission/spyware
 XSS DOM Based:
[+] http://imgur.com/p2z6Ery,AdffzmI,nWuSe8c
 DNS Servers for barracudanetworks.com: ns2.p23.dynect.net ns3.p23.dynect.net ns1.p23.dynect.net ns4.p23.dynect.net ** Found 90444178360.barracudanetworks.com at

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