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Argentina Department of Defense Hacked & Site Defaced

@LulzSecPeru has breached Argentina Ministry of Defense (http://www.mindef.gov.ar)  website December 30th 2012.  They announced the hack via Twitter in a couple of tweets.

LulzSecPeru then posted all the info to Anonpaste.  They then proceeded to upload the database and leaked files to Anonfiles in three links which contain complete archive and database systems with heaps of files from the servers of the Ministry of defense.  You can view the file links below:

 WinRar File password:@reqaxecHAfreWU+hega*42_ejE45!e4RekEspU*[email protected]@UFvecr5Nu=es5as3ey?P5a5=92uzUdRadevecru5ubarEvAr3
 FILE 1:
https://anonfiles.com/file/2af17e13dad77255cf511dab6e37e4fc archivos.rar (18MB)  - War Submarines, Radars.
 FILE 2:
https://anonfiles.com/file/4d8bba80068a4660c98631efad566b12 archivos2.rar (55MB) - Classifieds Documents
 https://anonfiles.com/file/aa64bdd1b0a2014f4e92f439fc70193d fulldatabase.rar (55MB) - Database Dump > USERS, PASSWORDS, NAMES, SECRETS

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