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@Anon_Acid leaks 50,000 Ohio Residents data for #OpRollRedRoll

For #OpRedRoll and Occupy Steubenville, Anons reply to the assault of a 15-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio last August, hacker @Anon_Acid recently dumped over 50,000 Ohio resident data to Pastebin.

A text file within the Pastebin post uploaded to Mediafire contains the names, birthdates, addresses and other personal data of residents of Steubenville and nearby towns in the state of Ohio.

In the Pastebin post Anon_Acid states,

Feel free to download this file it’s in .txt format so no can say it’s  RAT or Keyloger !! Feel free to share this Pastebin post to your friends and family because your name might just be on it ‘City Of Steubenville’,Your justice system is broke and needs to be fixed maybe this might help a little. Bring justice to the girl who was raped ! all the following needs to go to jail! Michael nodianos,Cody Saltsman,Jake Howarth,Jordan Banks,Ryan Vodich,Harold Malone,John Linn,Dashon Redman,Anthony Craig,Evan Westlake,Mark Cole,Malik Richmond,Trent Mays, and who ever else was involved this what you did is wrong and will not be forgiven.

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