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Adminator Pen-Test tool Released written by @Th3_Br3acher & @ZeroFreakz

Adminator is a penetration tool coded in pythong by @Th3_Br3acher and @Zer0Freakz.  This tools is a mutlithreaded admin panel finder tool that also includes many other features.

These other tools included are: whois, portscanner, intelligence gatherer and HTTP fuzzer. After downloading the tool from the official site, you can run it using the following commands below (Unix commands).

$ cd adminator
$ chmod +x
$ ./
$ :usage

Adminator’s current commands:

:whoisip => Finding Whois information about the IP hosting the website :whoisdomain => Fetching Domain Whois information
:portscanner => Finding Important open ports
:intelligence => Getting Intelligence data from a website(HTTP server,Software,Last update)
:subdomain => Multithreaded Subdomain Finder using a wordlist
:admin => Multithreaded Admin Finder using a wordlist
:fuzzer => HTTP Fuzzer to Fuzz HTTP servers
:usage => prints this help section
:quit =>

You can view a Youtube demonstration provided by Zentrexplus below.

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