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vBulletin 5 SQLi being sold for 1.2k

A new vBulletin exploit for sale has appeared on  The seller wants 1.2k for it and claims it works with all vBulletin’s 5 and up including the beta versions.

Thread info:

The vulnerability works on any version of vBulletin 5, including all Beta versions.
In the brought package you`ll get a guide with images and the steps required to archeive the vulnerability.

|#Title: vBulletin 5 SQL Injection > Beta Whatever
|#Author: 0x0A
|#Date: Dec 11, 2012
|#Type: SQL Injection
|#Homepage: /-
|#Version: 5 > Beta XX

The sale has been verified by the admins of the forum, you can find the thread here:

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