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State-Sponsored Malware predicted to rise in 2013

Imperva security has just published a forecasts for 2013 based attacks.  The New Year, reported Imperva, will have cyber-criminals likely utilizing several hosts, which have progressively advanced malware. The C&C (command-and-control) servers will also be expanded in addition to made more powerful.

The predictions include technologies responsible for state-sponsored assaults earlier this year will be traded for a price or what is described will get commoditized. As a result, cyber-war and cyber-crime will become more-and-more undifferentiated, the company notes.

Aboard these, Imperva also predicts about the trend of cloud computing. This new concept over the recent years, which has resilient and flexible advantages, collectively with its cheap pricing, is extremely favorable for hackers.

Hackers have by now began employing cloud computing for starting off cyber attacks; nevertheless, Imperva thinks there will be an even more rise in the trend during 2013.

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