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Inj3ct0r Team hacked & stole 200k worth of zero-days from

The In3ct0r team that owns has contacted with news and proof of them gaining access and dumping FTP files and database.  In the official statement 1337day said “stole private exploits worth $242333 (i ll calculate) from Exploithub”

The process they went through:

1) We scan server and site
2) We reinstall Magento CMS  <= We reinstall Magento CMS
3) Upload shell and phpinfo
4) Back all files and database.
5) Upload piece of the database
6) Increased privileges

We have private database and FTP files

0Daylist list provided:

Exploithub’s phpinfo:

Exploithub was a popular site to buy and sell exploits and a competitor of up until now.  The zero-days will be available on 1337day soon. Site seems to be down at time of posting. They also made an announcement via their site, you can view that HERE.

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